Engineering Solutions

Design Review

Structures under cycling loads may fail under the stresses which are much lower than the yield strength of the material. Because of this phenomena which is called fatigue, stress concentration on the joints has to be avoided. This is why the design of fatigue loaded structures plays an important role on the life time of the structures.

Experts of AWS reviews customer’s design and determine the critical areas and report the suggestions and solution alternatives to avoid unexpected failures from those areas. The support of AWS helps customers to have long lasting structures and equipments.

Weld Joint Design

Weld joint design is as important as the structural design. A well designed weld joint can increase both the static strength and especially the fatigue strength of the structure. It is a critical factor which results in big increase on the life time of the equipment.

Two joints which have similar design could give similar static strength but could give 3-4 times better fatigue life time. For this reason, the joint design has significant effect on the life time of the equipment and has to be designed by considering the fatigue factors. AWS could offer better joint designs according to the position and the load on the joint which will give better service life to the equipments and structures.

Fatigue Life Improvement Solutions

If a design change is not possible or the structure is already produced and running, it is still possible to improve the fatigue life time in a certain extent with some post weld treatment methods.

AWS could help to choose the best post weld treatment solutions according to the situation and the condition of the structure. It is even possible to supply the equipment to be used for the treatment and the application parameters.

Applications: Crane and similar lifting equipments, concrete pumps, excavators, buckets, trailer chassis, etc.

Computer Aided Static and Dynamic Structural Simulations

AWS can supply static and dynamic FEM analysis together with local and International partners.

Analysis results are evaluated and supplied to the customer with a detailed report including improvement suggestions.