Failure and Fracture Solutions

Failure Analysis and Solutions

Fracture analysis of the failed structures requires extensive tests, knowledge and experience. In many cases, structural failure is caused by improper design, unsuitable welding technique, wrong material selection and defects occured during and/or after welding. A correct root cause analysis and solution is necessary to keep the structure or equipment up and running. Otherwise, it will cause more damage and loss on the structure or equipment.

Experts of AWS find the root cause of the failure or fracture by examining the fracture surface and applying related tests. Finally, a technical report will be supplied by AWS.

Determining the repairing procedure for the structures exposed to cyclic loads

Applying proper repair procedures to the fractured structures are as important as eliminating the root cause of the fracture. Most of the time wrong repair procedures ends up with fractures from the same region.

Besides giving practical support and consultancy for long lasting solutions, AWS expertised team suggests solutions for the existing failures and preventions for reocurrence of possible fractures.